Welcome to the DUTCH WAFFLE FACTORY. We make THE BEST STROOPWAFELS in SINT-MAARTEN. Take a look on our website and find out wich treasuries we have to offer…

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The Headbaker

My name is Daniël, owner of Dutch Waffle Factory. For many years I have made original stroopwafels inthe Netherlands and now I’m bringing them to the beautiful Sint-Maarten, Find my Stroopwafel shop and enjoy this Dutch treat!

I started my career after I gratuated as a professional baker. I found my passion
in making these foods. After a couple years of experience, I saw potential in
my stroopwafels. Now I want to sell my stroopwafels in Sint-Maarten.

Dutch Waffle Factory only makes stroopwafels that are fresh and original. Only the best are served at our stroopwafe l shop .Quality brings satisfaction, I deliver a topproduct  for my customers. Locate the stroopwafel shop in Sint-Maarten.

If you don’t like the taste, you don’t like stroopwafels.

Original from the Dutch

Our stroopwafels are from original recipe…..

Team Dutch Waffle Factory

Our special team stands ready to create your delicious Dutch stroopwafel…..

100% Fresh served

Taste our fresh products and get the experience…

The factory

Check out our unique stroopwafel shop…

Dutch Waffle Factory customized stroopwafel!

Choose your waffle

Select your dressing

Get some icecream

Add your toppings

The best stroopwafels of Sint-Maarten

Our stroopwafel shop is unique and our stroopwafels are THE BEST IN TOWN! Vistit us and you will know why..

The originals

Dutch waffle factory’s originals straight from holland are now sold in Sint-Maarten

Stroopwafel ingredients:

Wheat flour, 29 % Glucose fructose, syrop, 14% Butter, Sugar palm flet, 5% Sugar Syrop, Wheat fiber, Rapeseed oil, Soy flour, Emulsifer (Soy Lecithin [E322], Mono- anddiglycerides of fatty acids [E471]), Cinnamon, Leavening agent (Sodium carbornate [E500]), Food, acid ( Citric acid [E330]), Bourbon vanilla

Great variety of toppings

We provide our customers with choise, therefore we offer a varierty of toppings so that everyone can enjoy our stroopwafels!

stroopwafel toppings:

Walnuts, Chocolate, Whipped cream, Smarties, Marsmallows,
Anise, Strawberrys, Bananas,
Caramel, White chocolate shreds, And much more

Stacked stroopwafels

Stack your stroopwafels! Try out our double stroopwafel with diffrent addings. The best taste,  only begins with a bite. We recommend our booster, the combination is perfect!.

Stacekd stroopwafel addings:

Strawberrys, Bananas, Marsmallows, Cookie, Whipped cream

I love Daniëls stroopwafels. They are top of the rock! I’m looking forward for the next one.

Klaas Groenendaal

Great store and sweet stroopwafels. I was very satisfied my visit! I Bought a couple for the kids as well.

William Byrne

I like this place. They serve delicous waffles with lots of toppings and they look fanatstic. when I’m back in Sint-Maarten I definitly  go back to this stroopwafel shop. 

Camila Atlenza

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