Meet our team!

Meet the team of our Dutch stroopwafel shop in Sint-Maarten…

Our Stroopwafel shop

Welcome to the DUTCH WAFFLESHOP of SINT-MAARTEN. Bakers at Dutch Waffle Factory are specialised in making top quality stroopwafels. In other words, we are the best you can get in Sint-Maarten! Take a look around in the Dutch stroopwafel shop of Sint-Maarten, so you can discover the UNIQUE WAY of the DUTCH. Contact or visit us at our toplocation!


Dutch Waffle Factory works with an enthousiastic team. Because of this, the team provides you a great experience in our stroopwafel shop. Only together we make sure that our stroopwafels are top quality. For instance,  our Booster Deluxe! Ofcourse, all or other waffles are made with great care. We only go for the best!

Dynamic store

The stroopwafel shop is open for new developments that makes our store better. For this reason, we keep looking forward for better kitchen and cooking necessities. All our customers deserve the best in Sint-Maarten. because of this, our shop makes sure they get the best! 

Fresh products

All our products are made of fresh ingredients. Dutch Waffle Factory thinks that fresh and local ingredients are important. In ohter words, we love fresh foods! There is only one way and that is the Dutch way at Dutch Waffle Factory. Meet our team or get in touch with us!

Hi! great to see you in my stroopwafel shop. Me and my team are very proud to work in such a fantastic and dynamic shop underneath the warm sun of Sint-Maarten. On this section of our website, you can get a glimpse of our stroopwafel shop and how we create those delicious stroopwafels. After seeing our creations, you definitly want to visit our stroopwafel shop!

Daniël van der Wilt

Inside our Dutch stroopwafel shop in Sint-Maarten

Welcome to our unique Dutch stroopwafel shop, take a sneak preview at our stroopwafel shop in Sint-Maarten!

Variety of original Dutch stroopwafels

In our stroopwafel shop we create a big variety of stroopwafels so that everybody can enjoy them. Hit our menu! And find all our  flavours. Otherwise, just  visit our shop.

Only fresh stroopwafels at Dutch Waffle Factory

Visit our stroopwafels to find our fresh product that we make on a daily basis. We create our stroopwafels only with fresh ingrediënts to make sure our customers get the best!

Professionality at Dutch Waffle Factory

Me and my team share a great connection to the store and products. Customers get the best from us, thats what we deliver everyday!

Banana Crunch

Original stroopwafel with chocopaste and fresh banana’s on top


Original stroopwafel with marshmallows in between

Strawberry crunch

Original stroopwafel with chocopaste and fresh strawberry’s on top

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