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About us

BEST Dutch STROOPWAFELS of SINT-MAARTEN. DUTCH WAFFLE FACTORY Stands ready to create your special stroopwafels. We made the best stroopwafels in The Netherlands, And now, we are in Sint-Maarten. Not only do we sell an original product, its THE BEST IN TOWN! If you want to know more, make a visit to our unique stroopwafel shop in Sint-Maarten. Unless, you don’t like stroopwafels….

The team stands ready to make your original Dutch stroopwafels

Dutch Waffle Factory is the stroopwafel specialist in Sint-Maarten, becuase of this, you never leave our stroopwafel shop unsatisfed!

Our Dutch stroopwafels are from original recipe. Check out how we make them, unless you don’t like stroopwafels. At Dutch Waffle Factory we only serve the best stroopwafels in Sint Maarten! We own a great stroopwafel shop, at toplocation, and make a variety of stroopwafels with all kinds of flavours. Visit our shop and find out yourself!

Hi there! Nice seeing you here. On this page, you find all kinds of information about Dutch Waffle Factory. For instance, the location, section of our team, and ofcourse the stroopwafels. Can’t find what you looking for? Then give us a heads up! 

Daniël hendrik - Owner Dutch Waffle Factory

Dutch stroopwafels in Sint-Maarten! Only by, Dutch Waffle Factory 

Take a bite from one of the Dutch stroopwafels from the menu. But, you can create your own stroopwafel as well!

Banana Crunch

Original stroopwafel with chocopaste and banana’s on top

Strawberry Deluxe

Booster with strawberry’s and wipped cream

Strawberry Crunch

Original stroopwafel with chocopaste and strawberry’s on top

Dutch Waffle Factory team, because we know how to make them right!

We are specialized in making extraordinary stroopwafels from original recipe. Not only do we make them, we create them Dutch Waffle Factory style. Watch out for our store, unless you want to miss this great taste.

Passion is our work, here’s why. Dutch Waffle Factory only works with professionals. Nonetheless, they love what they do. We are all specialized in creating these stroopwafels. Besides that, we all love the products that we make. Our stroopwafel shop ensures a great taste, originality and joy. All products are freshly made and served. Enjoy your time at our stroopwafel shop with our team. Above all, leave with a full stomach! Therefore, you should visit our unique stroopwafel shop in Sint-Maarten. I’m sure we will meet you there!


Casey Braun

Dutch Waffle Factory really delivers what they promise.
The stroopwafels are excellent and I’m always helped friendly by the staff.
A really a nice place to visit.


Andrew Taylor

The team of Dutch Waffle Factory always makes my day. Keep on going!

Unique stroopwafel shop located at toplocation in Sint-Maarten

Enjoy a top stroopwafel at tropical location!

We are proud owning this top location in the beautiful Sint-Maarten. Nonetheless, we made sure that our colourful stroopwafel shop springs out at this spot. For this reason, you will spot our unique stroopwafel shop in an instance!

There is no better place to make our special Dutch stroopwafels. Not only do we have to tropical sun and beach, we also got a top view from our shop. Dutch treasuries are sold in the caribbean. But still, we are a bakery. A unique bakery in Sint-Maarten. Do you want to know more? Then, visit our stroopwafel shop and taste our specialties at this tropical location!

Original from the Netherlands brought to Sint-Maarten

My special stroopwafel creations started in the Netherlands! But now, I’m in Sint-Maarten for a new adventure!

Thank you for visiting my website. Hopefully, you like my stroopwafel shop and now want to know more. If so, visit my stroopwafel shop. Me and my team are ready to help you! My original Dutch stroopwafels are made with passion. Above all, they are the best in town! In conclusion, if you don’t like my creations, you just don’t like stroopwafels. Visit my shop!

– Daniël Hendrik van der Wilt

Take a look in the stroopwafel shop

Great thanks!

Thank you for visiting our website. It is our pleasure to welcome you to our stroopwafel shop.
We will meet you there!

– Team Dutch Waffle Factory

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